Water pollution presentation

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Water pollution. Water treatment efficiency in. Investigated river water quality classification for key indicators (2006-2010). Water treatment. Cities and towns rain  industrial and domestic sewage effluent collects and. Step 1 - Mechanical Cleaning. Wastewater flows from one tank to another through the bars and screens. Stage 2 - Biological Cleaning. Here the main work is done by small organisms. Step 3 - Dry Cleaning. Dissolved pollutants are removed by adding materials to water to promote sedimentformation. Sludge problem. A huge problem is the sludge which accumulates in complex areas cleaning. Marine pollution by different ways they poured oil on the tanker crew negligence. As a result, many aquatic animals are killed.

Wastewater flows from one tank to another through the bars and screens, which traplarge debris and solid parts. Trap floating particulate traps for oil and other lighter materials in the water. Precipitators insoluble precipitate, very small particles.Mechanical cleaning of the water for approximately 35-65% of insoluble particles.

Here the main work is done by small organisms, algae, bacteria and fungi. Theydecompose organic compounds not eliminated in the first stage. Water pumped into theaeration tank and saturated with oxygen, and mixed with the mud which is rich inbacteria. This creates favorable conditions for bacteria.After biological treatment remain a number of nitrogen and phosphorus elements that are removed during Phase 3.

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  • Water pollution presentation
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