Water pollution skaidrės

Water Pollution. Prepared by Monet Dominguez BS Biology. Water Pollution occurs when energy and other materials are released into the water. Types. Surface water pollution > found on the exterior of the Earth's crust. Microbiological pollution. Different Causes of Water Pollution. Marine Dumping Industrial Waste Sewage, mainly from households. Nuclear waste Oil pollution Underground storage leaks. Effects on Environment. Toxic water Thermal heating Our sources of water. Effects on Humans. Diseases caused by Drinking. Effects on Animals. 200 turtles in Australia’s surround waters die each year. Birds and mammals become coated with oil. What You Can Do. Turn off running water. Be cautious of what you pour in your sink/flush down your toilet. Fertilize correctly. Participate in a clean up. Join a special society devoted to the prevention of water pollution. Spread awareness. Thank you!!!
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  • Water pollution skaidrės
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