Wealth and wealthy society

Anglų skaidrės. Vilniaus kolegija/ university of applied science business foreign language wealth and wealthy society presentation. 1 . What main problems were discussed in the article?. What can be said about the beginning of the period of restoration of independence in Lithuania?. 3 . What is democracy?. What is freedom?. What is wealth?. What is meant by Forbes?. What is remuneration?. What are the roots of corruption?. Why should we donate?. Famous charity ' organizations in the world. 1 0. Why is unemployment such an immense problem?. 1 1 . An ideal parliamentarian should. Should we change society and what steps should be taken?. Vocabulary. Josef Ackerman one of the famous Switzerland businessmen. Biography. Career. Achievement. References.

The big level of corruption in Lithuania. Russian Influence on Lithuania. State’s governance problems. Society is very greedy.

Freedom of the country has become a strong force of destruction. People have been creatively, but was afraid to pursue something and take risks. The people are tempted to easy money.

Be transparent and responsible. ... seek not the welfare of yourself but for the whole country. ... treat everyone fairly. ... keep it’s promises and stay out of people’s private lives. ... evaluate new modes and means by which they could be hanged publically, in a well manner and swift society as they are very near to the said scenario.

Josef Ackermanone of the famous Switzerland businessmen.

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  • Wealth and wealthy society
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