Wedding Traditions in Pakistan

Pakistan. Wedding traditions around the world. Sources. Initial meeting/s Proposal Engagement party Nikkah Dholki Mehndi Gharoli Baraat Shaadi Rukhsati Welcome Walima Honeymoon Sources. Initial Meeting/s. Most arranged marriages and even those of choice (i. Proposal. The parents will propose on behalf of their son. Engagement Party. The families will hold an engagement party. Nikkah. The first major. Dholki. Traditionally many days or weeks before the wedding day. Mehndi. About two or three days prior to the wedding day. Scarves – The Bride and Groom will usually walk in separately surrounded by their family. Gharoli. The Night before. Baraat. Baraat is procession of. Shaadi. Now that the. Once the guests. Rukhsati. As the evening. Welcome. As soon as the Bride arrives at the Groom’s house. Walima. The day everyone has been working towards. Honeymoon. It has become common for couples to go on a honeymoon. Thanks for watching!
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