What is service level agreement

What is Service Level Agreement? Service Level Agreement for Library of the University of Northampton. Parties to the Agreement. Key stakeholders and expectations. Strategic factors. Responsibilities – which we are, what we do. Provider Responsibility. More responsibilities. Description of key services with service levels/standards. Access and availability. Information access. Collection Maintenance and the Reading Room Collection. Help, advice and skills development. Photocopying and printing. Library environment. Requirements from Service Users. Library monitoring. Disputes. Why Best Practice is needed? Service Management Lifecycle. References.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement which defines between services and service level to be aimed for. It is based on common understanding of user expectations and requirements and IT services capabilities. The document must be in non-technical language, must be simple and clear. Also the information on the services in the agreement needs to be accurate and have detailed specifications of what is going to be delivered.

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