What people can do to protect the environment?

Today I will talk about what people can do to protect the environment. In my opinion, most people know what to do if they want to protect it, but a lot of them still don’t do anything for that. I think that the most important problem is rubbish. It is a very big problem which greatly pollutes our environment. All people can do something for that, no matter from what country and what age they are. Recycling is one of the best things that people can do for environment. We should think before throwing things away, they may still be useful. We can recycle paper, plastic, metal and glass. Of these things, I don’t recycling only metal, but it’s because I don’t have a lot of things of this material which I can throw away. Recycling is a wonderful thing. Think about tress, how much of them we can protect by recycling our own paper or about glass, how much we can earn by returning bottles to bottling plants. So, if all of us will recycle, we will make the planet cleaner place to live.
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  • What people can do to protect the environment?
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