Windson castle

Winsor Castle is one of the official recidences of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As well as being Head of the Commonwealth, The Queen is Head of State of sixteen of its fifty – four member countries. Windsor Casstle is one of the major repositories of the Royal Collection, where incomparable works of art are dis played in the historic setting for which they were collected or commissioned by successive monarchs. The development of the castle. The private chapel. The grand vestibule. The ante throne room. The king’s drawing room. The king’s bed chamber. The king’s dressing room. The king’s closet. The queen’s drawing room. The king’s dining room. The queen’s ballroom. The queen’s audience chamber. The queen’s presence chamber. The queen’s guard chamber. St george’s hall. The lantern lobby. The green drawing room. The crimson drawing room. The state dining room. The garter throne room. The waterloo chamber. Literature.
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