Wooden house vs brick house

Anglų aprašymas. From ancient times, man had to have some kind of housing, due to the need of hiding from predators and natural disasters. They did not require comfortable home and beautiful environment, however accommodation had to be safe and strong. Since then, many things have changed, although nowadays people also want their home to be highly secure and strong. There is no doubt that most building materials have changed, but such as stone, clay, wood is also used today. Nowadays human can build structures from almost everything metal, glass, plastic, but wood and bricks remain most popular in home construction. These two materials are completely different in structure, their properties and exterior, however humans compare them for their ability to meet their requirements. This leads to important question where is better to live in a brick or a wooden house? As future engineer I would like know an answer. In my opinion, a wooden house is better than a brick one.

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  • Wooden house vs brick house
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