Work safety

Anglų analizė. Introduction. Work safety. Safety at work. A work security index. Safety and Health at Work. Findings. Literature.

Every employee must be provided with safe and healthy working conditions, regardless of the activity type, type of contract, number of employees, the company profitability, job, working environment, nature of work, the work day or work shift duration of the employee's nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, social background, political or religious beliefs.

The employee's right to a safe and healthy working conditions is guaranteed by the Republic of Lithuania The Constitution, the Labour Code, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other occupational safety and health regulatory legislation. With regard to safe and healthy working conditions for the employee is entitled to apply to the employee representative, branch manager or other person authorized by the employer, the employer representative in the company safety and health committee, the State Labour Inspectorate of Social Security and Labour Ministry or other state institutions by providing suggestions or requiring in order to create a safe and healthy working conditions.

Work security is about working conditions that are safe and promote workers well-being. Although embracing issues traditionally treated under the rubric of ,,occupational health and safety”, work security means more than that. In other words, it is not just about mechanisms to protect workers against occupational hazards, disease and injury; it is also about the so-called modern scourges of stress, over-work and presenteeism. And it extends to violence at work and the important area of harassment in its various guises.

Health and safety – all preventive measures for employability, health and life at work to save used or planned at all stages of company development, to protect workers from occupational risk or she would be minimized.

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