Writing task: informal transactional letter

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Greetings: Dear Name ,(don’t forget comma after name)

1 paragraph: a) A few words of thanks for the received letter:

Thanks for your letter – it was great to hear from you.

Thanks for your letter about …

Thanks for your letter, it was so nice to receive the last news from you.

Thank you for your letter. I was very glad to hear from you.

Many thanks for your last letter.

b) Say sorry in case you haven’t written for a long time

I’m sorry I haven’t written for ages/sooner/for so long, because I was ….

c) Describe why are you writing: In your letter you asked me… Well…

2, 3 paragraphs: Give answers you were asked in the previous letter (or according to your task). Be sure you have mentioned all required items.

4 paragraph: Ending:

Ask him/her to write you back soon or to give the news or decision.

Farewell: Take care, Yours, Love, With best wishes then a comma and your name

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  • Writing task: informal transactional letter
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