‚Wuthering Heights‘ by Emily Bronte

‚Wuthering Heights‘ by Emily Bronte.

The story which Nelly begins to narrate started in the 1770c. and ends when Lockwood leaves Yorkshire in 1802. They both narrates the story in past tense. The action takes place in two houses ‚Wuthering Heights‘ and ‚Thrushcross Grange‘ on the Yorkshire Moors. Also London city should be mentioned where Isabella had run away from Heatcliff when he threw a knive towards her head. Furthemore I think that the one main setting of place occurs in the kitchen where happens the most passionate and the most violent scenes in the novel. The social setting is set between social classes, masters and servants and the desire to gain higher social status. Actually the fundamental division of two houses also shows different social classes and setting. ‚Wuthering Heights‘ is depicted and portraited as simply and domestic house. Also in this house practically all inhabitants are asocial and savage. The other house represents richness and social, mental, moral development.

Novel‘s plot stucture also is very unique because it is told as a flashback and it uses chronological retrospective order of events, nevertheless the structure is conventional because we can define the plot‘s parts . Actually we could divide this novel into to parts ; the plotline before Catherine‘s death and after. In general exposition begins when Lockwood arrives at Wuthering Heights, his discovering of the diary, moreover Nelly‘s expalnation and introduction to the main characters. The rising actions covers these events; Heatcliff‘s arrival to the Heights, the old Earnshaw‘s death which led Hidley to abuse Heatcliff abusevely, Catherine‘s first visit to the Grandge whitch actually caused the main conflict in the novel because Catherine changes and Heatcliff hears her conversation with Nelly. He finds out that if Cathy would marry to him it will degrade her, so he runs away. Later he returns for seeking revenge. Cathy gets mad and ill. Heatcliff becomes a master of Heights and marries Isabella which he treats her wrong and abuses. These events led to the climatic position which appears when Catherine dies.

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