Youth is strenght - public speach

Youth is strenght.

Every day every young person hears something like „My future is in your hands“. For me, it's so exciting and I get so much pleasure hearing this, but when I actually think about what does it means, I feel like something really big just fell on my shoulders and I can't dissapoint those who told me this. It's really hard for me to see people leaving their own country. I can see a big concern in their eyes saying „What's going to happen now“ and a little grain of hope, that they'll come back and have a great life here, in Lithuania, where they belong.

Many people are leaving Lithuania nowadays. Some are leaving for studies, some for a better job, some for money and some just go to search for a better life. But when they leave, they misses their home and hopes that they'll come back as soon as possible.

I dreamed about leaving Lithuania for a really long time. I wanted to leave everything behind my back and explore a whole wild world. But now, I think way more different. I feel some responsibility to actually hold my parents, granparents and others future in my hands.

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  • Youth is strenght - public speach
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