A new rite of passage in emigration

Prepared by Rasa Vaikšnoraitė AF. A new rite of passage in emigration. Emigration can be. The concept. Pre-migration involves the decision and preparation to move. The stages of Emigration. Poor living conditions. Reasons for emigration. Lithuania will remain. The phenomenon of emigration in lithuania. Irregular emigration is the basic problem in Lithuania. Problems caused by emigration in lithuania. The upsurge of emigration from Lithuania is enormous. Conclusions. The majority of emigrants are persons of working age. References.

A new rite of passage in emigration.

Poor living conditions foster to emigrate The population upsurges while economic development stagnates Voilence and the abuse of power urge people to flee The rich industrialized states are becoming more accessible.

Lithuania will remain second after Latvia among Eastern European countries by the extent of the population decline, which will inevitably affect: the labour market (the lack of balance between workforce supply and demand); the systems of health care and social security funded by taxpayers; the country’s intellectual potential as a result of departure of smart and skilled youth, highly qualified professionals and scholars.

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  • A new rite of passage in emigration
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