Christmas in lithuania rasinys. Rasinys apie christmas. Christmas rasinys. Christmas holiday rasinelis. Anglu rasinys christmas. Christmas holidays rašinys. Christmas in lithuania rasiniai. Anglu rasinelis apie bostona. Christmas rasinelis. Rasinelis christmas.

In Lithuania everyone celebrates Christmas together with their families. Actually, a Christian feast commemorates the birth of Jesus. In the Christian calendar, it ranks after EASTER, PENTECOST, and EPIPHANY in liturgical importance and was not widespread until the 4th cent. A greeting card sent at Christmas to express good will. London museum director Henry Cole sends out the world’s first Christmas cards. The first American-made Christmas cards appear at Boston. In Puritan New England Christmas remains a working day. There are some ‘very clever’ sentences about this holiday. Most popular Christmas songs and hymns.
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