Endangered species The Bengal Tiger

Endangered species skaidres. Спокойный тигр. &ei=j8qruyeliymitabmryfi&usg=afqjcnhtjrz0-du2kcvhrxckhjl47dgctw. Endangered animal rasinys. Endangered species rašinys. Endangered animals skaidres. Endangered species tiger rasinys. Rašinys endangered species.

Bengal tiger. Bengal tiger eating. Reasons for being endangered specios. Solution to the problem. The bengal tiger's characteristic reddish gold fur and black stripes are easily visible to visitors in a zoo. His normal food - deer and goats, but some of the bengal tigers, especially the old or injured ones might attack the man. Hunters catching the bengal tigers in order to get huge money for their fur. Was a law that tiger fur the purchase, announced the sale of a criminal offense. Sanctuaries, tiger, shelter, limited livestock grazing.

Length: 2m. Tail: 1m. Weight: 120kg - 280kg Life span: 20 - 25 years. Distribution: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Burma.

Destroying their natural environment All this makes the animals to leave their homes Bengal Tiger body uses Oriental Medicine.

Was banned felling of trees Sanctuaries, tiger, shelter, limited livestock grazing.

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  • Endangered species The Bengal Tiger
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