Getjar. Content. What is „GetJar“ Founder. What is GetJar? „GetJar“ and is. Founder of company. The founder and the chairmen of this company is lithuanian Ilja Laurs. Location and age. The company founded in Lithuania, in 2004. GetJar is only ten years old. Headquarters. The headquarter „GetJar. Employees. In all headquarters works about 2000 employees. Field of activity. GetJar offer a free programs for mobile phones like Facebook. The annual turnover in Lithuania. The virtual money. Virtual money is easier and more comfortable. GetJar users, downloads. Future prospects. Our future prospects are to make people life easier and more comfortable. Do you have any questions? ?

What is „GetJar“ Founder of company Location and age Headquarters Employees Field of activity The annual turnover in Lithuania The virtual money Future prospects.

„GetJar“ and is the one largest independent mobile app store and the largest virtual currency player on Google Play .

The headquarter „GetJar Networks“ is in San Mateo in USA and there are also subsidiaries: first „GetJar Baltic“ is in Lithuania and another is in London.

In all headquarters works about 2000 employees, most of them works with technologies, some of them are responsible for international market.

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