Landscape Design

What is Landscape? “LAND“ means both a place and people living there. Landscape design. An independent profession and a design, art tradition Practiced by landscape designers. Cultural Landscape. The important of people on the land - how humans use. Landscape art. The depiction in. Principes of Landscape Design. Unity – is. Form – for example Texture – is fine/coarse. Balance – formal balance and informal balance. What is landscape design process? Research and analysis Site inventory It creates an image of the natural environment. What is landscape architecture? Is aspects of. Summary. Every design a designer creates is unique. List of References.

Unity – is the quality of only. Colors – gives greatest effect. Line – connects and defines space.

Form – for example: Texture – is fine/coarse, heavy/light, thin/dense, and light/shade. Scale – absolute scale, relative scale, low and high scale.

Balance – formal balance and informal balance. Simplicity and variety – is a degree of repetition rather.

Research and analysis: Site inventory: It creates an image of the natural environment, planning. Quality landscape design helps maximize the rational use of the territory.

Is aspects of : Botany Horticulture Fine arts or Architecture Industrial design Geology Earth sciences Geography Ecology.

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