Lithuania anglų skaidrės apie Lietuvą

Lithuania. Statistics lithuania. Location. area. borders. The length of sea costline is 99 km. Poppulation and it’s komposition. Political and national structure. The ethnic regions. The highlanders. The samogitians. Dzukai. Suvalkieciai. Trakai national park. Zemaitija national park. The kursiu nerija national park. The hill of crosses.

Area, thous. – 65 km2 Population, thous. – 3446 Official language – lithuanian Capital – Vilnius Currency – litas (LTL).

Ethnic region in the current North-West Lithuania. Samogitians the capital region as Telsiai City, the second meaning - Varniai.

Not fertile, but the forested region of Lithuania.

Trakai - One of his favorite short-term resting place.

Peninsula with sand dunes separating the lagoon from the Baltic Sea.

Hill of the faithful of the Catholic Church as a monument of faith.

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