Lithuanian Business Leaders

Lithuanian Business Leaders. Antanas Guoga. Antonas Guoga (TonyG) Australian and Lithuanian businessman. Being 11 years old he went to Australia and then graduate school. Visvaldas Matijošaitis. Vičiūnai Group. Viciunai group. Tadas Karosas. Tadas Karosas- businessman holding "LTK Capital. He graduated from Vilnius University Law Faculty. Darius Mockus. Darius Mockus- entrepreneur. Vilnius University (VU) graduated from the Faculty of Economics in industrial planning studies. Dainius Dundulis. Antanas Bosas. Antanas Bosas- Lithuanian.

Antonas Guoga (TonyG) Australian and Lithuanian businessman, patron, politician, sports sponsor, a former professional poker player.

Being 11 years old he went to Australia and then graduate school. Later, he started working with Australian Mortgage Brokers chief Bill Buchanan assistant. Antanas fared logical thinking and mathematical knowledge-intensive activities, and college he studied accounting and finance. That helped him to earn a lot of money and become a professional poker player. Lithuania has invested in real estate and internet projects, and international betting company "TonyBet" recreation and amusement park Anupriškės TonyResort, sports and leisure goods online shops "TonySports" and "TonyStreets. Businessman owned insurance business in Australia. Today, the company, in which it has invested, have created more than 500 jobs, more than 300 of them - Lithuania. Anton is not only a businessman but a politician, who belongs to the Liberal Party. Now was elected Euro parliamentary.

Visvaldas Matijošaitis - entrepreneur, Viciunai group founder and leader, owner, board chairman of a political character. 2015 was elected mayor of the city of Kaunas.2006. carried out by the magazine "Face" survey, the wealthiest people in Lithuania 30-uke took 8th place.

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