My future job

My dream job rasinys. My future profession rasinys. My future job rašinys. My future job monologas. My job in future rašinys. Dream job rasinys. Anglu kalbejimas my future job. My profession rasiniai. Anglu rasinys apie my futures plans. Future career poteme.

My future job. Mano ateities darbas.

The first factor is the most important for me, because I think it is very important to choose a job that you love him and feeling happy in your work. So I’d like to work in a job, wherein feeling happy and pleased at that I do.

In the future I wish work with people. I want to work a job which associated with medicine, because it thinks, that this job is very interesting, but same time very hard. Ditto in my plans is a psychology or biology study. I think that I try very much I can do that this dream came true. But maybe my dreams will change and I want to become someone else, however at now I am thinking about it.

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  • My future job
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