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Anglų skaidrės. “Civilization exists by. geological consent. San Francisco Bay. Through Time. San Francisco Bay. San Francisco Bay & Delta. A very shallow, ephemeral estuary. Drainage to SF. Human Impacts (years ago). History Matters! What We Can Control. What We Cannot Control. What’s the Problem? California Always Changing. Climate. Always Changing. How Do We Know? Climate/Sea Level Curve for the Past 500,000 Years. Mostly, SF Bay was a river valley. What is Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases. The Carbon Cycle. Temperature & CO2 Variations. Last 420,000 years. Temperature & CO2 Variations. Last 18,000 years. Temperature & CO2 Variations. Last 50 years. Greenhouse Changes. Natural & Human Climate Change. Greenhouse Effects. Patagonia Always Changing. Glacial Retreat. San Francisco. Sea Level Rise. Potential Sea Level Rise. When? Road Damage 1. 5 m Rise. Fire Hazard Will Increase. East Bay Fires. The 1923 Berkeley Fire Destroyed 584 Homes in. 2 HOURS. Losses 1991 Oakland Hills Fire. Living in the Hills. Each arrow = house. San Andreas Fault. Ten Greatest Quakes. A Few California Quakes. Bay Area Faults. Probability of. Earthquakes. > 6. 7. 2003-2032. = 62%. Rock Type Makes a Difference. Liquification East Bay. San Andra. University of California, Berkeley. Memorial Stadium. You Need an Earthquake. Bucket!! The Real Problem. In Your Kids’ Lifetime. What. can. you do for your Bay Area? Thanks!!

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