Traditional food

Traditional food. What is food? Food- the key to energy source is usually of plant or animal origin. Types of food. Filling Light Heavy Organic. Healthy food. Vegetables Fruits Grain. Unhealthy food. Fast food Chips Candy. Lithuanian dishes. „Cepelinai“ „Kugelis“. „Šaltibarščiai“ „Balandėliai“. Traditional German food. Germans like. Italian dish. Lazanija with beef Homemade macaroni „Florencijos kiaušiniai“. French. French recipes range from the very simple. French dish. „Normandiški“Pancakes „Nicos“Salad French fish soup. End .

Germans like filling and fatty foods. Germany is famous for meat dishes and beer. The most popular are fried pork ham with horseradish,cook liver, various kinds of sausages.

French recipes range from the very simple, who just need a few fresh ingredients to a very complicated, whose preparation requires not only proper preparation, but a long time and cost.

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  • Traditional food
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