Anglų kalbėjimas transport and travelling

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Anglu kalbejimas apie keliones ir transporta. kaip suderinti keliones su transportu.

Today I’m going to talk about travelling and transport.

So I’m going to speak about how people combine travel and transportation.

I will begin by saying that the majority of people like to travel. Some of them go to relax, others for business, still others have another reasons. But how to decide which mode of transport is more convenient for travelling? For instance, when people decide to spend their holidays in Klaipeda, I think, that car is the best means in this situation. But if a person does not have a driving licence, then it is convenient to travel by bus or train. I don’t think that the adequate transport from Vilnius to Klaipeda is airplane. But if people decide to go further than Klaipeda? Let‘s take for example Spain. By car or bus the journey would be tiring and uncomfortable.

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