Business ethics in Sony Company

Business ethics in Sony Company. What is Sony? Companies interwiev. Business ethics in a company. Values of corporate culture. The relationship between employees and management firm. Communication. Conflict of interest. The moral responsibility of the organization. Etiquette and its elements. Subject-etiquette requirements. Conclusions. Literature.

To the Sony Company in their internet site I have asked a question about their perceptions of ethics and how they are trying to keep it? And I‘ve got the answer. “Ethics for our company means a lot. We have to be able to communicate with our employees and partners. We're not a small company, we have to try all of the company's work only improve. To us ethics is respect the employee of our company, and the partners. In order to keep it full time basis, we try to communicate with people to find out the deficiencies and how things can be improved.”

From the companies answer I can decide that for Sony Company is important to understand their workers, try to help them, to communicate with them if company want to reach its goals.

We have entered the twenty-first century, where everything is developing at breathtaking speed and haste. In business, this is especially true. When the business world is rapidly growing and changing so quickly it is difficult to keep up to its adaptability, so we rarely ever think about morality. How we behave, whether we are honest with your clients and colleagues? Business ethics should become a very hot topic in the business world.

So it can be said that for the Sony Company is important to employ the best possible professionals who will be able to pursue a career in high places, and helps to improve to the company.

The company's moral responsibility to ensure favorable working conditions for employees, their development and achievement. The company is responsible for employee health disaster that happens at work. Each company's duty is to ensure about human who works in the. In order to create and maintain a good reputation and the company's name there have to be taken care not only profits, but also for the welfare of workers.

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