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How far were most Russian people better off under communist rule than they were under Tsar Nicholas?

Nicholas II was crowned Tsar in 1894 and he was known as the 'Little Father of Russia'. At his coronation thousands of people flocked to see him, yet by 1917, the Tsar had abdicated and Tsarist Russia had been taken over by the Bolsheviks and the life of Russian people changed forever, or did it? In my essay I will assess how far life did change and examine whether Russian people were better off under communist rule than under Tsar Nicholas II.

Romanov dynasty started in 17th century. It‘s tsar initiator considered to be a 16 year old boy Michail Romanov. Along with this event, Romanov family ruling began and lasted more than 300 years. As the Romanov family started to command, Russia‘s status was terrible: 17th – 18th centuries, Russia was still feudalistic state, serfing was still legal.

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