Friend and firendship

Describing about a friend rasinys. Anglu monologas friends and frienships. Anglu rasinys my best friend. Rašinys about friend.

Friends and friendship. Anglų rašinys apie draugus ir draugystę.

•To begin with i‘m going to tolk about good friends and i will diskribe my best friend. Everyone have a lot of friends, but not all friends which helps whe you are in truble, then you need .i have a lot of friends but the best my friend is Agne. She have long brown hair, she is toll and very slim. She is wise and very cherful. Her hobies is reading books and being with friends.

•Next,... why she is the bestmy friend. So she never held back when you need to. I‘m very happy to have such a good friend like she.

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  • Friend and firendship
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