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International Online Shopping Expected to Almost Triple in Next 5 Years. Summary. Findings. Analysis. Conclusion. Interview with ib manager.

Nowadays there are all kind of business in the world so new entrepreneurs that want enter international markets should find the best way to grow sales, gain greatest profits and according to the article the best way to do so is to open e-commerce stores. Because it is expected to reach more than $300 billion dollars in the six major markets- U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, China and Brazil. But it is not enough just to start e-commerce affairs, the most importantly new entrepreneurs will have to earn consumer’s trust by providing buyer protection against loss and make sure that there is no identity theft and fraud.

To analyse this article we should understand the most important thing- more and more people chose online shopping and it is good new way to expand sales and gain profit but this business will not be successful if sellers do not earn consumers trust. In order to do so entrepreneurs should provide many rights for their customers so they could trust websites and be sure that their order will be executed without disruption. Secondly sellers should consider that the most profitable is to sell clothes and health,beauty products because as it is shown in article consumers are ready to buy those products.

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