Port of Klaipėda

Handling of main commodities in Klaipeda Port. Structure of handled cargo in Klaipėda. Passenger traffic in Klaipeda Port. Cruise shipping in Klaipeda Port. Thank you for your attention.

The port of klaipeda works and contributes to you!

The port commitments for CITY: maritime heritage, awareness raising, educational and environmental protection projects. The Port of Klaipeda supports your business, prosperity and inspiration.

Characteristics of the Port of Klaipėda: Port territory area 541 ha.; Port waters area 876 ha; Area of open storage sites 1 045 879 m2; Capacity of liquid cargo thanks 749 000 m3; Area of covered warehousing facilities for general cargo 99 380 m2; Area of warehausing facilities for bulk cargo 926 00 t; Area of warehausing facilities for refrigerated cargo 66 000 t; Total length of port quays 26,9 km; The length of Port railway 79 km;.

To efficiently use and control the entrusted state-owned property. To ensure navigation safety and coordination of security within the port territory. To construct and renovate quays and piers to dredge the port waters, and to develop the infrastructure of the port. To prepare strategic development projects, to carry out scientific research works, and to promote port as a whole. To collect port dues from vessels calling at the port. To lease state-owned land to the companies operating in the port. To organize and carry out preservation of the port environment. To control and administer the reserve territories of the port.

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