Terrorism group

An interesting discrepancy between the United Nations terrorist sanctions list and the European Union terrorist list is the classification of Hezbollah. The latter classified the “Hizallah Military Wing” as a terrorist group in its amendment on 25 July 2013 (EU 2013 Amendment). [1]However, the former does not include Hezbollah on its list, established by the 1267 Committee and last updated on 9 October 2013, of individuals and entities associated with Al-Qaida. [2] The obvious difference between the two lists is that the United Nations list is focused on association with Al-Qaida while the European Union list, established by Common Position 2001/931/CFSP, is widened to include persons, groups and entities involved in terrorist attacks. [3][4] The United Nations list ought to broaden its focus to all individuals, groups and other entities that commit acts of terrorism, not just ones that are associated with Al-Qaida. In accordance with such a list, Hezbollah ought to be listed as a terrorist group because of its activities.
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