Will life be easier in the future?

Will life be easier in the future?

It’s the most controversial question now. Today I’m gonna try to prove that it WILL be easier..somehow. Believe it or not.

So let’s start from few controversial topics. Technologies and medicine.

Technologies. I’ll give you example that you can imagine easier. Computers and internet.

Face it, even now we can’t do many things without those smart boxes. Let’s think about how we live with computers 20 years later.

Computer makers predict, that in the near future computers will be everywhere: in pens,refrigerators doors, even in the walls. You’ll have the opportunity to change room lightning,warmness with just one computerized remote control. Or imagine you’re sitting in one business meeting and you get message.. not from your wife or husband but from..the fridge?

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  • Will life be easier in the future?
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