Žemės magnetinis laukas ir mėnulis anglų skaidrės

CHAPTER 6 Earth’s Magnetic Field and the Moon. What do you think? Who was the. Earth is surrounded. The magnetic field produced is similar to that of a bar magnet. Earth’s Magnetic Field. In order to create Earth’s magnetic field. The Earth’s Magnetic Field Protects us from the Solar Wind (charged particles). Near the Earth’s. Copernicus Crater. Kepler Crater. The most obvious feature on the Moon’s surface are its many craters. Close examination of moon rocks reveal tiny microcraters less than one millimeter in diameter. The Moon’s surface. Close-up views from a lunar orbiter. From Earth, maria appear to be smooth regions on the lunar surface. A surprising find. Missions to the Moon have revealed much about its history. An enormous boulder fractured while sliding down a mountain. Mare basalt contains. Anorthosite from the. Seismic experiments revealed. Water ice may. The similarity in. Earth. Gravitational forces have. The Moon is spiraling away from the Earth at a rate of. Laser beams fired. What did you think?
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  • Žemės magnetinis laukas ir mėnulis anglų skaidrės
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