Creative industries

Creative industries. What Are the Creative Industries? The question of identity and its relation to Creative Industries. The Emergence of the Creative Industries. The example of IBM. Microsoft. Infrastructure - Connectivity - Content - Creativity. Public policy. Consumption and Production. Education. Challenges. Defining the Creative Industries.The organization. The organization. The association. The statistics. The person.The worker. The worker.The user. The list of creative industries. Creative cities. London as a creative city.

Creative Industries developed in countries where creativity caught the imagination of politicians and policy-makers who wanted to promote «jobs and GDP» Increasingly the creative industries are taught in universities.

The question of identity and its relation to Creative Industries.

Our individual identity results from both public and private elements.  .

All of these rights had to be established by taking the identities and practices to which they referred out of the privacy of the bedroom, the family, and the community, and establishing in law and legislation.

Eventually IBM’s very existence was threatened Bill Gates became the richest person in the world after the Sultan of Brunei.

IT sector was the boom sector. Everyone was investing in IT infrastructure. A PC was put on every desk.

The term «creative industries» was adapted to meet various national and regional agendas Taiwan, for instance, launched its creative industries strategy in 2003 In Korea, the term described linkages between government and big business In Hong Kong the effort was to maintain a well-regarded film and television industry Singapore focused on the quality content to encourage education.

In cities where there are large numbers of students and educational workers there is also a large concentration of people who are trend-conscious, curious about the new, and relatively unburdened by family commitments. In short – here are for creative industries. customers as well as recruits Universities are not just destinations, but hubs.

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