From concumer to producer

Introduction. A presentation of the field work. Animation in children´s life. Discussion and analysis. Summary and conclusions. List of references. One of the aims in this semester”animation as a learning tool” was fieldwork. It took two weeks; we had a possibility to model learning situation in danish social institutions. My group had a practice in danish stokholm klub. It was very exciting to work in this klub and compare our experience that we have in our countries. Also it was very interesting to work with foreign countries children who don´t know our national language. I wanted to know them better and their world-view. We had possibility to apply theories about animation as a learning method in real work with children. It was good experience to improve our professional competence. Children had an opportunity to express themselves, their feelings through animation; they had possibility to show their imagination. Animation is a part of children life at this age. After this practice children understood what animation is, they know all the process and how it works now. Firstly i am going to introduce my field work. Second, i will tell what animation in children life is. But my main question in this report is: how can we change children´s role from passive consumer to active producer through animation? This question is important in children´s life because to be active in childhood is very important for development. I will explain how animation as a learning method can be useful in real work with children.

In this report I will talk about kids from 10 to 12 years old, because we did animation with children in this age in our practice.

Stokholm klub has home atmosphere. Children are free there, they can do what they want to do, it´s their free time after school. I think it is a good place for children, because they can choose what they really want to do, what feels exactly right for them. In my opinion it is good for their development. The klub is a good institution because there are children from families that are at risk and they can feel comfortable and safe in there. They won´t be in the streets, in a bad environment. Free time of children can be used in a right way in klub.

We were three students who wanted to make animation with children. We had a group of about 11 children. We had some different children every day. That was a bit difficult because every day we had to start from the beginning. Those who saw us first day wasn´t interested in our suggestions, they wanted just to sit on the sofa and play computer games as usually. But when they saw our creativity process they started to come and watch us and later they asked if they can join us.

We spoke in English only with children. Some of them could speak a little bit English, those who couldn´t speak they could understand the main ideas, so that was helpful thing in our verbal communication. They were very happy when they understood what I was saying, and they were very polite in all ways. We used non verbal communication too. When children didn´t know how to explain what they want to say by words they started to show sings for us, they started to speak in body language. For example: if they wanted to say that they want make this bird flying they started to flapped their hands, and that was clearly understandable. Now I know that people can communicate in different ways. Usually kids understood everything by simple English words, and if they were shown how to do it meanwhile. At the beginning we observed that they were a little bit shy because of speaking in English, but after few days most of them were trying to use it, no matter if it corrects or not. I have noticed that some children didn´t want to work with us because they didn´t know English at all and felt bad about that. Some kid’s payed a lot attention in our work and the other kids were shyer, but they started to talk with each other, discuss and then they started to join us.

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