Lifosa history and activity

Introduction. History. Title of the company. The essence of the project. The idea. The Basic Criteria of “Tour de Lifosa”. Marketing plan. Marketing analysis. Marketing mix. People and action plan. Finance plan. The need of funds and financing sources. Break-even point. S. W. O. T. Analysis. Balance sheet. Cash Flow Statement. Cost forecast. Conclusions. References.

“Lifosa” is type of company which always tries to improve their facilities. We keep thinking about new ways of development and finding what best for costumers. In order to be more modern and up-to-date we introduce the new and attractive services for our costumer and suggest for all see the “Tour de Lifosa”.

Introduce new services in our company “Tour de Lifosa”

Show the popularity of our new service forecasts and analysis.

2009. JSC "Lifosa" became a GMP+ B1 and GMP+ B2 certified company.

So, a lot of people ask us about our company name. “What is the meaning of “Lifosa”?” or “Is a “Lifosa” some kind of Greece or Rome mythical creature?” The answer is simple. As we’re a fertilizer manufacturer so we decided that „Li“ should stand for Lithuania as our products are made here and „fosa“ means what we‘re making more then one kind of fertilizers which are made for all kinds of phosphates and fluoride.

Our company is one of the largest in its field and takes great places in the world by sales and exports, but we decided for investment in a whole new area for us. And so was born the idea of traveling in Lifosa famous hills.

After long discussion we came up with an agreement to suggest something new in order to attract new customers. In this way we came to an idea to make “Tour de Lifosa”. It is know how sometimes usual excursions are too boring, especially for those who like gain some new experience. That’s why many people want to experience a new experience and yet unseen anywhere else in this type of tour.

3.2. The Basic Criteria of “Tour de Lifosa”

The first and most important criteria for us is safety, so we hire the best engineer suggested that our trip would be completely secure and to prevent any, even the slightest accident. Continue with the staff team, we decided to introduce people excursion time with the latest technology used in our company, as well as to attract new client is planned. And also very important criteria we will present is fun, so this tour will be a lot of attractions that will implement our well-trained engineers.

In this new and ever advancing world one of the most important things is to know what is going on around you. We are constantly trying to make our products to meet customers-being, so that is the reason why we are making every effort to meet their expectations. And now we present his first Tour of Lifosa public. This went to see a good base to learn more about the chemical industry in Lithuania and see everything up close .Also it is a great educational tool for school-age children.

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  • Lifosa history and activity
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