Pinigai anglų rašinys Money

Anglu rasinys apie pinigus. Rasinys apie pinigus. Rasinys apie rastus pinigus angliskai. Rasinys apie pamestus pinigus.

Pinigai anglų rašinys Money.

Today i want to talk about importance of money in our life. A lot of people say, that money is a key of hapiness. Maeby. But what about your health? Could you buy it?

There are people, who dont have a place to stay, so they pick one of abandoned houses and settle in there. And no one can kick them out of there. That type of homeless people are called squatters. I think that is not fair. Some people work hard to survive and some just take whats others.

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  • Pinigai anglų rašinys Money
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