Some Thoughts on Leadership

Some Thoughts on Leadership. by. Don C. Bramlett, PE, SMIEEE. IEEE Region 4 Director 2009. Workshop Content. Definition of Leadership. Interpersonal Effectiveness. Awareness. Ability. Commitment. Attributes of a Leader. Leader vs Manager. Leadership. Management. Leadership vs Management. Leader vs Manager. Leadership & Management Skills. Managers have the following attributes , they. Being a Leader. Recipe for being a Leader. Recipe for Being a Leader. Holistic Communications. The way you stand or sit. The way you dress. The way you write. Holistic Communications. What is the bottom line for you? Interpersonal Communications. Personal Interactive Skills. Personality Indicators. Self Evaluation. Motivating. Building a Team. Coaching. Leadership Strategies. Leadership Styles. Conflict Cycle. Conflict Management. Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles. When to Avoid. When to Accommodate. When to Compete. When to Collaborate. When to Compromise. Negative Consequences of Competing. Negative Consequences of Collaborating. Negative Consequences of Compromising. Negative Consequences of Avoiding. Negative Consequences of Accommodating. Conflict Control. Steps for Confronting Conflict. Problem Solving & Decision Making. Brainstorming Process. Objectives of Brainstorming. Synergistic Decision Making. Finally.

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  • Some Thoughts on Leadership
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