Vilniaus Pergalė company

Vilniaus pergalė’’ company. The company name. ,,Vilniaus Pergalė’’. The logo of company. Mission statement. Capital of company. Employess in our company. Vilniaus pergalė location. Green (eco-friendly) company. Company products. Qualification. Company personnel. Best employees. Stress managing. How company survive during a financial crisis. The main idea which will enable company to be succesful.

Director deputy director secretary administrator 8 confectinoers 2 plant operators.

2 order maker, pastry designer 4 drivers, 3 auxiliary staff, technologist 3 packers sweets. 2 housemaid.

Vilniaus pergalė are located at Vilnius center. Firstly, because here no similar to us. Secondly, because as easily accessible and great communication. And lastly the most important thing that in the centre is always a lot people.

Our company offer product. Our service make a lot of types of sweets. For example: chocolate tablets, sweets, chocolate bars, biscuits, dragee, boiled candies, marshmallows.

Vilniaus pergalė define employee qualification every time. Our company sent them to: conferences, training, practices and projects.

Strength: Vilniaus pergalė production prices are lower than the corresponding level of production of other producing companies in Lithuania. A wide choice of products.

Weakness: A small selection of skilled workers.

3 Managers 7 Machinery operators and drivers 10 Clerical and Administrative workers 10 Other workers.

Sales Manager  Single point of contact Team leader Team person Strong sales background Hiring new sales personnel.

Accountant Computing skills Mathematical skills Responsibility Detail oriented personality Loyalty Patience.

Human Resources Manager Strategic Enabling Objective Discrete Flexible Motivational.

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