A critical appraisal of ECC contract

Introduction. Modern engineering (bristol) ltd gilbert-ash northern [1974] ac 689, lord diplock at 717b provides a useful definition of a building contract. Collaborative philosophy. Nec3/ecc contract types. Roles and responsibilities in ecc contract. Employer. Project manager. The supervisor. Contractor. Adjudicator. Contract example. Conclusion /recommendations. References.

The NEC is based on good project management principles and practice, and defines the legal relationships within a contract. The original NEC/ECC contract was strongly recommended by Sir Michael Latham in Constructing the Team (The Latham Report, 1994). In this Report he described it “as the best example of modern contracting that embraces partnering.” Following Latham’s report, the NEC/ECC was widely adopted. In 1995, the second edition of the NEC contract (NEC2) was published. With feedback from industry over a number of years, further changes were made. In 2005, the latest version of the NEC/ECC Contract Range (NEC3) was published.

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  • A critical appraisal of ECC contract
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