Anglų Application letter

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An example of an application letter for a work possition

I was interested to see you advertisement in your Internet page and would like to be considered for this post.

I am presently studying ant Vilnius University Institute of Foreign Languages, I am English and Spanish linguist to be. I am also the project manager in NGO “Club of Economics and Computer Science in Utena”. I am a person, who is very motivated, reaching for his goals ant trying to full-fill all of his tasks ant a very high standard. Though I do not have experience as a flight attendant, but I have experience in customer service field as I have been working as a designer – consultant in art and craft supplies shop “Piestukai – Popieriukai” four more than a year. While working in that position I learned how to manage my emotions while communicating with different people, learned the importance of good team-working.

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