Business operations in global environment

Business skaidres. Helping the environment skaidres.

The economic environment. Inroduction. Economic development. Types of economic activity. Selected developed, transition, developing and least-developed countries. Comparing countries: first-order economic indicators. The world’s wealth measured in per capita gni. Purchasing power parity. And the definitions once again. The big mac index. The world’s wealth measured in terms of purchasing power parity. Economic growth. What determines a nation’s economic growth rate? Productivity and growth. Economic growth in selected countries. Boom and bust economies. Second-order indicators of economic development and potential. Comparing countries: inflation and employment. unemployment in the eu. The human development index. The human development index. Balance of payments. Inequality. Gini coefficient world cia report. Public finances. Economic system defined. Diverse economic systems. The economic freedom index. Countries ranked according to economic freedom. Asian capitalism. The asian model of capitalism. Networks in japan and south korea. Transition economies. Policies that shape the economic transition process. Regional integration. The least-developed economies. Recession, depression. Defining recession. History. Recession indications. Effects of recession.
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  • Business operations in global environment
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