Girteka - transport logistic company

Introduction. History of the company. General info about the company. Structure of the organization. The number of staff. Kinds of services. Geography and partners. Profit of the company. Position among similar companies. Advantages and disadvantages of logistic services. Future perspectives. Opinion about the company. Literature.

GIRTEKA is a full service international logistics and transportation company in eastern Europe. JSC Girteka was established in 1996 and has been engaged in providing transportation and logistics services for many eastern European countries. I have chosen this company to analyze because it is widely known in Lithuania, all around Europe and some Scandinavian countries. Girteka provides high quality services and it is possible to see transport marked with logo Girteka shiping food products all around Lithuania. It usually provides supermarkets with food and industrial goods customers require every day.

Topic actuality. The topic of the study is significant nowadays because there is a need to analyze and evaluate the best practices of the company which is the leading one in the country.

Practical meaning of a study. Information presented in the study could be practically applied creating scientific articles and improving organizational management in other transport logistics companies.

To evaluate staff influence reaching the effective results.

To overview structure of the company and the variety of services it provides.

GIRTEKA was established in 1996. At first there worked only 3 employees and services were provided by one truck. After 2 years Girteka started to ship frozen food (especially meat) from European countries to Russia. Later on, after gaining more experience various kinds of loads were transported all over western Europe and a large number of contracts were signed with huge companies.

The increasing growth of the company was noticed in 2000 when Girteka got more transport (there were 15 trucks at that time) and established a logistic centre. Also, there were developed facilities and improved conditions inside the company, there were established new departments and subdepartments such as financial, import, transport, expedition and others.

The dominant loads for transportation were household appliances which were transported by trains. In 2007 there worked more than about 1000 employees and goods were delivered by more than 300 trucks. Nowadays about there work more than 1700 employees and the company has a car park containing 1000 means of transport. In 2009 Girteka developed its activities in Kaliningrad region and there was established Girteka branch in Russia “Kulikovo Pole“. In 2010 there was esatblished JSC “LT logic“ which took over a part of JSC “Terminal LT“ functions of a logistic centre. In addition, one more company “Trans Servis“ was established in kaliningrad region. Also, at that time JSC “ME Transportas“ and JSC „Trasis“ were established in Lithuania, which own their car park.

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