Venus project

Introduction. The Venus Project. Monetary system and politic. Resource-based Economy. Work. Energy. Transport. Questionnaire. Conclusions. References. Fixings.

Making things through encourages excess cash withdrawals from the market, but this is not needful for the government and billionaires. It’s better to live unhealthy, breath polluted air and work like a horse, because someone has to earn a lot of money from us. We probably still do not feel that we are the 21st century slaves of masons.

The aim of this job is to find out that people are ready to have a life without violence, hunger, disease, money and even laws.

My tasks:

1.To specify the Venus project's social, economic, political and labor alternatives.

2.To analyze the transport and energy opportunities.

3.To identify the possibilities of scientific and technological trends.

4.To find out whether people are willing to live without constraints, and whether they believe in and would like to live together with the Venus project.

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