Project about AVON company

Introduction. History. Activities. Dislocation. Qualification of employees. A new project idea. Main risks. Market analysis. Marketing mix. Sales forecast. Cost forecast. Personel. Property structure. Balance sheet. Conclusions.

The aims of “Avon” are to be the global beauty leader, the most admired company, the premier direct seller. The company also want to show their new manicure services.

To introduce a new service which would be manicures at home and manicures at our new salons

To clarify the main risks when setting up this business such as our competitors

To analyse sales forecast, balance sheet and cost forecast

Avon products are not only for women but also have fragrance, bath & body and hair care for man. Moreover, we have bath & body, hair care, toys, jewelry and other things for kids.

The company employs more than 40,000 workers who share common values and principles of operation, a unique company culture. Being one of the largest cosmetics companies, Avon has possibility to offer its employees the opportunities for professional growth and development, experience in an international environment, participation in various projects.

Your Avon consultants can show you our new catalog of high quality products before purchasing them. They will tell you about new products and special offers. The consultants will deliver you the products you have selected to your home without any post or packing charges.

Our business idea is a good service that we can provide to our customers and home and at our new salon. This idea born exactly then, when one of our clients asked us, do we know where she can get manicure at her home. She didn’t want to go somewhere before her wedding, she just wanted to do everything at her place. When she told us that story we thought, why couldn’t we find couple manicure-consultants and give that service just at a client place. And like that we decided to try manicure service.

We have a couple of highly qualified employees who can come to a customer’s house and provide them with our service. We come with our measures, and at the same time the customer can choose the goods which they like. Not only they can buy our goods for manicure, but they can also buy any good from all AVON catalogues.

A manicure service doesn’t have any disadvantages, because customers are happy and for that reason we are happy.

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