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Oficialus laiškas anglų kalba. Formalaus laisko rasymas anglu kalba. Formalus laiskas angliskai. Oficialūs laiškai anglų kalba. Oficialus laiskas angliskai. Oficialus laiskas anglu kalba pavyzdys. Oficialus laiškas. Anglu formalus laiskas. Formalus laiskas anglu kalba pavyzdys. Formalus laiskai anglu kalba.

Oficialus laiskas. Klausiama informacijos apie kurorta.

I am interested in coming to your famous French Alps resort Chamonix. However, I would like to know more about the resort.

First, when does the resort open for skiing? What is the best time to come? I am thinking of coming in December. What do you think about it? Secondly, what other activities are there, except skiing and snowboarding? Thirdly, what facilities are there for going out at night?

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