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Introduction. The Great Depression. Causes of Crisis. Monetary policy mistakes. Deflation. Consequences. 1973 Oil Crisis. Rise of opec. Increase in demand for energy. Neglecting other sources of energy. Structure of opec. Actions that led to the crisis. Main consequences. The Japanese Asset Price Bubble in Causes. Burst of the Bubble. Consequences. 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis. Devaluation. Role of International Monetary Fund. Consequences. Global Financial Crisis. Causes. Course of Events. Consequences. European Debt Crisis. Causes. Course of Events. Consequences. Conclusion. References. Appendices.

Many things happened from the year 1929 until our days. Starting from such inventions like airplane, personal computer and finishing with spaceships, cell phones and etc. Also this time was not only full of new inventions and discoveries which had a huge impact on country’s economies rise. This time was also a time of great crisis starting from the Great Depression in the year 1929 and finishing with Eurozone debt crisis which is even happening right now. So by this paper we are going to try to analyze biggest crisis and recessions from the year 1929 until our days.

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