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M Next patient! G *knock knock* Hey, can I come in? M Yes, please, take your place please. So, Gabriele, I don’t see any serious diseases in your medical card. So tell me please, why you came here. G Dear doctor, yep, I’ve almost never had any serious illnesses, but I started to feel not very well a few weeks ago. I have a terrible headache! M Oh my, this may be a symptom of serious disease. Why you’ve waited for so long? ? G Yes, I know, I did a mistake here, but there wasn’t any choice, I’ve been so busy at work while editing picture and video files in computer! M Work is work, but u need to look after your health too. What are other symptoms? G Well, as I work really hard, I spend about 6 days a week for those random projects I should fall asleep just right away when I come home, but it’s not like that! M So you want to say, that without a terrible headache you have insomnia? G Yes, doctor, I don’t know how to deal with this. M hmmm… I think that headache brings on insomnia, but I’m not sure. It may also be caused bya long working hours.
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