Business plan PLC Skyfall

Summary. Company Description. Products and servises. Market and competition. Marketing strategy. Business system. Assumptions and risks. Financial plan. Appendixes.

PLC „Skyfall“ would like to present you first drive – in theatre in Lithuania - an outdoor theater, designed to show the film to the audience who are in cars. As a rule, there is a parking lot with the organized entry and exit and large screen TV set. Sound is transmitted in a standard low-power radio station FM-range car radio to listen to the audience. Because of the way cinema in the open air theater of work is seasonal - all shows start at evening till night. Therefore, in the daytime, when the platform is empty, it will be used as parking for cars. Without doubt, it won‘t be easy to outdo our competitors, as they have been for a long time proving their servicer to the consumers. However, we as a starting company, are different. Firslty, we have a special approach to the client. Secondly, we have unusual services that can be found only here. Thirdly, we have the most suitable price, even for those with little money.

„Skyfall“, PLC., - the first drive-in theatre in Lithuania. “Skyfall“ is film exhibition and distribution company ,which presents global companies 20thcentury Fox, Buena Vista, Disney, United International Pictures Dream Works studio and other companies movies . In these days people want to spend their free time in many different manners, due to this, supply of activities is quite big. For this reason, it’s clearly obvious that new activity, like drive-in theatre will not only be popular but also superior to other companies, due to its originality, so “Skyfall” will attract not only new customers who like unusual free time spending ways, but also other customers of companies like , for example ‘’ Forum cinemas” and “ Multikino”. However, this place will be used not only for the theatre, but also as a parking plot (when theatre won‘t be working).

PLC. “Skyfall” is for-profit enterprise. Objectives of the company:

to be the leader among other cinema`s

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