The tourism in Lithuania

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Would suggest to visitors to see these places which I describe before , for them beauty and historical importance. On the other hand , this is very important for the development of tourism. That is everything what I would like to say about the tourism in Lithuania. The end.

I would you like to say that our country is really attractive for tourists from other countries. Just I see one problem that there are too little information and advertisment about Lithuania. Why Lithuania is attractive? I will try to answer. Our country is very beautiful by it’s landscapes, beautiful cities, countrysieds, forests, lakes, the Baltic Sea, mounds, museums and so on.

In my opinion, the most popular tourist destinations in Lithuania are: Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania), Kernavė mounds and Klaipėda. Vilnius is are modern European city. The city guests can do also visit some very important museums and galleries such like the National Museum of Lithuania, Museum of Applied Arts, Gediminas Castle, Royal Palace, Cathedral, Anne’s Church and so on.

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  • The tourism in Lithuania
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